Namibian Weather In General

The best time to visit Namibia is in the cool dry winter months from May to September. Temperatures average between 20 degrees (69 F) maximum, to 6 degrees (43 F) minimum, with crisp frost in the mornings.

The summer months from November to March are much hotter. Daytime maximums rise to higher than 28 degrees (82 F) in October to February. During this period, the landscape is a luscious green, although heavy downpours can be expected.


Namibia Climate:

Namibia's climate is typical of semi-desert terrain with hot days and cool nights. Over the central plateau in the country, which is higher up, temperatures are understandably lower.

With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, Namibia is truly a sunny place. Although rain does fall during the summer months (November to February), it mostly occurs as heavy thunderstorms. When this happens, the usually dry riverbeds become saturated with torrents of muddy water in a very short time. The interior enjoys two rainy seasons: the short season is between October and December, marked by frequent thunderstorms. The longer season is from mid-January to April.

Summer is from November to March. Winter is from May to September with wonderful warm days, contrasted by very cold nights when temperatures often drop to below freezing point.

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